CSA Delivery

We are workicsa-finalng with the local farms to offer a delivery service for your summer harvest share.  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a program that allows the consumer to receive fresh, often organic, produce directly from the farm on a weekly basis.

It can sometimes be challenging for busy parents and working families to make the pick up times with late meetings, soccer games and rivers to float. Sign up for only $10 a week (for a Bozeman delivery) and have your produce delivered from the farm to your door.  We currently have a working agreement with Running Strike Farms and are contiuing to develop relationships with other farmers as the season progresses.  Deliveries will be made Tuesday evenings and times can be arranged to suit your schedule.running strikes farm

Please complete this short information form to get you started on your CSA delivery.  If you would like your farmer to participate in this delivery service please contact us and we will make the arrangements with the farm for you.

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